Routine repair is the performance of work that prevents possible breakdown, restoration of worn-out objects, finishing of any part for improvement. We eliminate minor malfunctions and damages that negatively affect the appearance or entail the risk of complex breakdown. In the process of performing current repairs, we replace structural elements without changing the main appearance and functionality.

Considering all of the above, we subdivide current repairs into two types:

– Simple cosmetic.

– Cosmetic with a change of materials.

 During simple cosmetic repairs, we carry out work through which the condition of the room is improved, without using the replacement of decoration and engineering equipment. For example, these are: changing the shade of walls, ceilings, gluing new wallpaper, partial repair of plinths, platbands, windows, doors. Also, this can include grinding and varnishing, minor work with plumbing and heating equipment, service maintenance of systems in the house.

As for cosmetic repairs with a change of materials, it has some differences. Repair activities are as follows. The worn-out finishing materials and engineering equipment are being replaced with new similar elements. For example, replacement of the exhaust fan with a new one.

Why are the current repairs being carried out? The question is quite logical, why carry out minor repairs, if the “spoiled” appearance is hardly noticeable and may not cause much trouble. Routine repairs need to be done and must be done.

 This type of repair work will allow you to immediately eliminate the existing problem, which means that you can significantly save money, without bringing the defective one to a major overhaul (which is distinguished by more expensive financial costs).

In addition, it is much easier to carry out maintenance repairs than to carry out major repairs. When carrying out current repairs of a building, it is necessary to take into account several factors that make it possible to determine the strategy of the repair activity, the specifics of the event, and the approximate time resource.

So, before proceeding with this type of repair, we carry out a detailed analysis of the building, premises and determine the following points: how old is the building; operating mode; architectural features; the climate of the region.

Based on the information received, we form a future project with important marks. We recommend that the current repair of the building be carried out once every several years, depending on the factors mentioned above.

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