RENT – is a part of our business. We help our customers by helping them to rent plant and equipment. There is plant and equipment listed below owned by “CLMG” LLC for your attention. The list is changing, depending on demand and operational needs. Huge number of plant and equipment available with our partners that […]


We offer you a one-stop solution to all needs related to research, purchase, and delivery of wide range of equipment or goods. We are ready to research local and international markets and find what is necessary, and by adapting to this, we offer you the most suitable alternatives that can save costs. We offer logistics […]


MAJOR REPAIR – involves dismantling and checking a room or building in order to identify hidden faults and assess the resource of damaged parts, replace not only faulty parts, but also parts that have exhausted their resource. Such repairs involve a large amount of work and significant costs. Overhaul of a house implies a set […]


CATEGORY “B” FIT-OUT – this is the final shaping of the interior space after construction is over, including everything from creating different rooms to choosing colors and images on the walls. The final product that fully meets the customer’s requirements. If the CATEGORY “A” FIT-OUT is a empty space, the CATEGORY “B” FIT-OUT is the […]


Category “A” FIT-OUT is the basic finishing of the interior space. Typically, this type of fit-out includes mechanical and electrical installations. Also includes finished interior walls, entrances and elevator lobbies. In addition to the basic work items, the space will be completely empty, making it easier to sell or move in to tenants looking to […]


Routine repair is the performance of work that prevents possible breakdown, restoration of worn-out objects, finishing of any part for improvement. We eliminate minor malfunctions and damages that negatively affect the appearance or entail the risk of complex breakdown. In the process of performing current repairs, we replace structural elements without changing the main appearance […]


– We accept and consider orders, regardless of the volume and complexity of execution, whether it is construction from the beginning or a partial, additional need. – We act as a contractor as well as a subcontractor. We do not limit ourselves geographically; we work with local and foreign customers. – We work as contractors, […]


We carry out work and provide services in Azerbaijan and abroad – We create spaces for comfortable living, profitable activities and safe storage of your tangible assets – We are engaged in the construction of civil facilities, such as residential buildings and administrative buildings, shops, warehouses, restaurants and cafes, commercial and utility premises, hotels, garages, […]