PRIVATE ORDERS require different approach. These spaces are created for people to be able to relax and spend free time. The design must be thought out from the beginning to the end and meet the expectations of the customer.

After all, individual housing houses have their own constructions, for which the construction requires the corresponding engineering applications and solutions. We find constantly updated technological solutions and present them to the customer. The building itself, recreation areas, swimming pools, water fountains, fountains, open kitchens we build from scratch and put into operation, as well as provide warranty and post-warranty service and work.

Customer trust is very important and valuable to us.

Different zones are required in private apartments. The peculiarity of the apartment is that the area is limited. It is very important that the area was divided into zones at the request of the customer and repaired according to his taste. We create comfortable spaces, controlling the loss of temperature, so that in the autumn-winter apartment was warm and cool spring-summer.

Our excellent in that we have experienced masters and specialists. Designers, suppliers, craftsmen and engineers with whom we have worked for many years, help and support us in fulfilling the wishes of customers.

Creating good impressions and gaining trust is an inescapable part of our interest in business.