CATEGORY “B” FIT-OUT – this is the final shaping of the interior space after construction is over, including everything from creating different rooms to choosing colors and images on the walls. The final product that fully meets the customer’s requirements. If the CATEGORY “A” FIT-OUT is a empty space, the CATEGORY “B” FIT-OUT is the completed(filled) space

CATEGORY “B” FIT-OUT shape interior and exterior spaces, including everything from the creation of different rooms to wall decorations. Floor plans are ready for use, finishes selected, and the space filled, providing customers with a final product that fully meets their requirements. This finish includes what makes the space functional, but also provides an opportunity to revitalize the tenant’s company. CATEGORY “B” FIT-OUT is great for customers looking for space that tailored to employees, tenants and their own requirements, as these spaces are the result of working closely with an equipping partner to define and understand the culture and vision.

CATEGORY “B” FIT-OUT includes:

• Partitions and doors
• Floor finishing
• Special lighting and equipment
• Kitchen areas
• Furniture
• Decor

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